Dedicated to our inspiring teachers of Michigan.
There's nothing like a Michigan night sky.

Calling Michigan Schools, Apple Orchards, Blueberry Farms, Cherry Farms, Strawberry Farms and retail. Want your business name attached to one of our signature Michigan Fruit designs or in your shop or for licensing info? Click Here

"Be inspired to inspire others"-AB. Our mission is to connect our communities by spotlighting the most unique and talented Michigan based businesses, nonprofits, and Mitten Men & Women across our entire state! From the top of the Upper Peninsula to the base of our mitten, we want to highlight the stories of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance that inspire us! In the process inspire you!


How lucky are we to call Michigan our home?

Together, we can share the many faces that make our Great Lakes State a one-stop destination for inspiration!

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Beard Country

Oldtown Lansing, Michigan's 2nd Annual Lumberjack Festival featuring our Beard Design for the very first time. What better festival than one that prides themselves in celebrating badass beards?!Thank you for having us as a vendor!

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