How lucky are we to call Michigan our home?! Our mission is to connect our communities by spotlighting the most unique and talented Michigan based businesses, nonprofits, and Mitten Men & Women across our entire state! From the top of the Upper Peninsula to the base of our mitten, we want to highlight the stories of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and perseverance that inspire us!
We are a small inspirational marketing production company that would like to highlight your story! We are looking for Michigan based businesses who would like to have their stories told in a unique way to help promote their business. We aim to target your passion and inspire others to go after their dreams in the process. It is inspirational marking for you and by you.
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EP1: To Cheat Death & Find Family.
This episode covers Carlos A. Orosco and Pure-NRGY Fitness as we unpack a true story of overcoming obstacles with the help of a close-knit community.
Carlos Orosco, Michigan's 2019 Governors Fitness Award Winner for Overcoming Obesity, opens up about what it really took for him to fight his battle against obesity.
Lumberjack Festival 2019
Lansing, Michigan's 2nd Annual Lumberjack Festival featuring our Beard Design for the very first time. What better festival than one that prides themselves in celebrating badass beards?!
Thank you to Oldtown Lansing for putting this event on and having us out as a vendor!
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